Monthly Archives: August 2013

Episode 99 With Mark Bertolini – August 11, 2013

If you’re looking for interesting and unusual takes on superheroes and other comics genres, be sure to pick up Mark Bertolini’s books! This includes Breakneck, Long Gone and Broken, all of which put more realistic spins on super-characters and what … Continue reading

Episode 98 With Joshua Williamson – August 4, 2013

Are you a fan of Masks and Mobsters, Ghosted or Captain Midnight?  Then you’ll enjoy my conversation with creator Joshua Williamson, who  scripts those excellent comics! He’s also contributed to Detective Comics Annual #2, which was recently released. We talk … Continue reading

Episode 97 With Jay Faerber – July 27, 2013

You’ll enjoy listening to my fun interview with Jay Faerber, creator of such great comics as Venture, Dynamo 5, Near Death and Anti-Hero.  We talk about the various books he’s scripted, especially Anti-Hero, which you can now go to … Continue reading