Monthly Archives: September 2014

Episode #146 With Mervyn McKoy From ‘Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew’ – September 21, 2014

What if you didn’t qualify to run a giant robot warrior? Would you still be interested in helping behind the scenes? That’s the premise for the new miniseries from, Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew, and this week, I chat … Continue reading

Episode 145 With Frank J. Barbiere – September 14, 2014

Looking for a new take on the superhero genre? Then you should be reading the excellent Black Market from BOOM! Studios and Frank J. Barbiere, who I have a great chat with this week! I hope you picked up the … Continue reading

Episode 144 With Howard Shapiro From ‘The Hockey Saint’ – September 7, 2014

I love variety in my reading, and this week you’re going to hear about a great graphic novel called The Hockey Saint, coming in October from creator Howard Shapiro, who I chat with during this episode. Here’s the book’s description: … Continue reading

Episode 143 With James Asmus From ‘Quantum And Woody’ – August 31, 2014

If you aren’t reading The Delinquents miniseries from Valiant Comics, you should be! This week, I chat with James Asmus, who has been scripting Quantum and Woody for the past year, and is now co-writing Delinquents, which combines the previous … Continue reading