Monthly Archives: April 2015

Episode 173 With Kelly Thompson – April 19, 2015

You’re going to enjoy my conversation with Kelly Thompson, a comics creator who also writes and talks about comics as well! We discuss her upcoming projects, including her Dark Horse graphic novel Heart in a Box, her ongoing comic from … Continue reading

Episode 172 With Mark Zuehlke – April 12, 2015

A great comic often does a lot more than entertain – it educates! This week, I interview Mark Zuehlke, a historian who has scripted The Loxleys and Confederation, a great comic from Renegade Arts Entertainment that discusses how Canada was … Continue reading

Episode 171 With Brimstone – April 5, 2015

I hope you’re ready for some straight talk about comics and the comics industry! This week, I interview professional wrestler and comic-book creator Brimstone, who discusses the many quality offerings from his company, Hound Comics! That includes Brimstone and the … Continue reading

Episode 170 With Cavan Scott – March 29, 2015

You’ll enjoy this week’s interview even if you aren’t a Whovian (fan of Doctor Who)! Cavan Scott, writer for the Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor five-issue miniseries called “Weapons of Past Destruction,” talks with me about the worldwide phenomenon that … Continue reading