Monthly Archives: April 2014

Episode 128 With Joey Esposito From ‘Pawn Shop’ – April 20, 2014

It’s always great to chat with Joey Esposito, probably best known as co-creator for Captain Ultimate at, but he’s not resting on his laurels! He’s got a new offering called Pawn Shop, which features the stories of four New … Continue reading

Episode 127 With Royden Lepp From ‘Rust’ – April 13, 2014

If you aren’t reading Archaia’s Rust from Royden Lepp, you really should be! It’s a series packed with emotion and adventure, and the third volume will be out in early May! In fact, you need to pick up the first … Continue reading

Episode 126 With Steve Pugh – April 6, 2014

With Captain America: The Winter Soldier debuting in theaters this weekend, it’s the perfect time for me to interview Steve Pugh, artist on Marvel’s All-New Invaders, featuring Cap as one of its stars! We talk about how this assignment came … Continue reading

Episode 125 With Wendy Pini From ‘Elfquest’ – March 30, 2014

Be sure to pick up the second issue of Elfquest: The Final Quest, which hit the stands on Wednesday, March 26! It continues the tremendous tradition of excellence provided by Wendy Pini, who I have the honor of interviewing in … Continue reading