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Episode 282 With Michael Heitkemper, Mike Marts – May 21, 2017

It’s a double-header episode again this week, as #282 features my interview with writer Michael Heitkemper, one of the creative forces behind Freedom Fighter from Insane Comics! We go behind the scenes to talk about how this book arrived on … Continue reading

Episode 260 With Frank Martin – December 18, 2016

This week, Frank Martin from Insane Comics, creator of Modern Testament: Anthology of the Ethereal, is back to talk about his recently released Volume 3. Here’s this volume’s description: “Biblical beings, although ancient and iconic, struggle to be understood and find their place in … Continue reading

Episode 236 With Luke Cooper, Cory Levine – July 3, 2016

This week, Episode #236 features two great interviews! First up is Luke Cooper from Insane Comics, creator of Hollow Girl. Here’s the first issue’s description: “Six years ago, little Katherine Harlow killed her own parents. Showing no signs of remorse … Continue reading

Episode 234 With Frank Martin, Roland Mann And Deonna Herrold – June 19, 2016

This week’s episode features two great interviews with projects you can buy or support this week! First up is Frank Martin from Insane Comics, creator of Modern Testament: Anthology of the Ethereal. Here’s the first volume’s description: “An angel, a … Continue reading

Episode 231 With Braiden Cox – May 29, 2016

If it seems like I’ve recently been enjoying many of the books from Insane Comics, I have! This week, I chat with Braiden Cox from Reclaiming Godhood, and here’s the initial comic’s description: “Treachery! Deceit! Corruption! Betrayal! After betrayal by his … Continue reading

Episode 230 With Lou Frontier – May 22, 2016

It’s always great to talk with Indie comics creators, and this week I chat with Lou Frontier, creator of Wicker from Insane Comics! Here’s the book’s description: “Wicker is an episodic historical horror series set throughout out three centuries and … Continue reading

Episode 229 With Brian Berg, Michael NcNaughton – May 15, 2016

This week’s episode features two great interviews with creators at Insane Comics! First up is Brian Berg, co-creator of Ghost #1 with Wade Price. Here’s the book’s description: “Crescent City is a place of two worlds. One is of happiness … Continue reading

Episode 225 With Alethea – April 17, 2016

For this week’s episode, I have a special interview with Alethea, the creator of a fascinating Indie series from Insane Comics called Moonlit Dawn: A Mythical Tale. I love variety in my reading, and this series is enjoyable and creative, so … Continue reading

Episode 218 With Kelly Bender – February 28, 2016

This week’s episode features the return of Indie comics creator extraordinaire Kelly Bender! He’s the scripter of several books we talk about, including Starburn, Sadistic, Aqueous, Death-Rattler and Hang Low Aim High. That includes everything from sci-fi to horror to … Continue reading